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Musselburgh Windsor have achieved Gold Community Club status from the SFA. Click on logo for more information on what this entails.

Musselburgh Windsor Football Club was established in 1953 and are one of the oldest youth football clubs in Scotland.

We provide football coaching and matches for over 400 people, boys, girls and adults, on a weekly basis.

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How it all began...................




                 Joe Brown - Founding father of Musselburgh Windsor

In June of 1953 two monumental events took place, both involving the Houses of Windsor ! One was the Queen's Coronation and the second ? Musselburgh Windsor was formed ! Both have endured nearly six decades.

The founding of the Windsor came about from the foresight of Mr. Joseph Brown and a few similar minded friends, to put together a football team that wouldn't primarily go out and win cups and leagues. Their vision was more simple and community orientated. A statements written in the Edinburgh Evening Despatch on 8th August 1953 commented on the Club and its purpose by saying 'for the purpose of assisting youngsters between the ages of 15 and 17 to take their place in secondary Juvenile football'. Mr. Brown believed that too many youngsters were watching rather than playing and it was the primary concern of the first Committee to get these lads playing football.


Mr. Brown was cast in the role as Secretary, with Walter Fairnie Chairman, Vice-chairman W. Ramsay. The Committee was completed with D. Fairnie, A. Ellis, R. Traynor and W.D Mcneill.

It is also rumoured that the Club was founded to fill a void in local youth football. Musselburgh Union CF and Whitecraig Star tended to field players nearing the end of the teens and because of Musselburgh's out-dated bye-laws the playing of football in the street was a criminal offence! Indeed four youths were charged by the Musselburgh Constabulary and appeared at the Burgh Court in front of Provost Hunter who duly fined them 5 Shillings each for 'such a serious offence'.

In July 1953, Musselburgh Windsor was accepted into the Edinburgh & District Under Age Association and so came official recognition of the Club's existence.


Even in the early days of the Club finance was important and our gratitude goes to Cruden Builders who donated the substantial sum £25.00 and Harry Cruden was later made an Honorary President of Musselburgh Windsor. It was also recorded that Hibernian FC gifted a new white five pound note to the Club as well as smaller contributions from local businesses and a set of strips from Musselburgh Union.

Windsor has recorded fifty consecutive years of membership of the sports governing body, more than any other Club in the Country. Although the governing body has changed names on several occasions, no other youth football has contributed more. The current Scottish Youth Football Association was devised in 1999 and once more the Windsor played a key role as ex-Chairman John Murray was involved in the inception and implementation. Mr. Murray is now a life member of the Scottish Football Association in recognition of his work.

The Windsor had originally one team that played at U-17's and this remained unchanged until the birth of a new Association, the ASYFC which banished the U-17's age group in preference to the under 18 and under 16's. As a result Windsor adapted moved up to the new U-18 Age Group and formed a new team to compete at U-16 in the 1960's. It was commented that the introduction of the U-16 team would 'help with progression of players to the under 18 team'.


By season 1977/78 the Club began making preparations for the provision of an under 15 team. From here the seed was sown which would eventually lead to the current situation which has Musselburgh Windsor introducing players at the U6 Age



The first ever Windsor matches were played at 'the gas works' site adjacent to the racecourse with Olive Bank stadium being a frequent host Windsor teams - a tradition and a relationship that still flourishes toady.


The Windsor started playing their home games at Pinkie Playing Fields in the season of 1967/68 and it was the following year that they won the Despatch Trophy for the first time.


On 3rd April 1975, the Club received a letter from Midlothian County Council granting permission to Musselburgh Windsor for the use of Pinkie Playing Fields. It further stated that the cost would be £1.05 per game and that next season application should be made to Lothian Region Education Authority.


During the 70's and 80's slowly but surely the Club expanded with more and more teams joining the Windsor to reduce the Age Group gaps.


Within the last 15 years there have been two major additions to the Windsor football family. In 1996, with the Club running most of the available Age Groups at 11-side, the Kids school was introduced and has grown rapidly with the introduction of small sided football. Today the Kids school boasts 4 Age groups, some with as many as 40 youngsters and 4 teams. Then, in 2004, the Club finally established a Girls football section and this already has over 70 members ranging in age groups from U7's through to U17, with the U15 team finishing a very credible 3rd in their first season, 2005/6.


The Club reached a milestone in celebrating their Golden Jubilee in Season 2003/4. Many events were held throughout the season - an Exhibition of Club memorabilia in the Town Hall; a match against a Hearts / Hibs Select for ex-Windsor players; a Jubilee tournament for every age group, with a finals day held at Olive Bank; culminating with a Gala Dinner held at the Brunton Halls.


 The Club now operates at 10 Age Groups with some 15 teams all representing Musselburgh Windsor FC. It is highly unlikely that even the most enthusiastic and optimistic Committee members back in 1953 would have ever dreamed that the Club could have survived, thrived and thrilled so many.


It is clear that, when speaking with some of the players from the early years, the Club is remembered with deep affection. And that is more important than the number of trophies won or lost




Tribute to a Legend

Mr. Joe Brown 1902-1975                                                           

Windsor's Way
(sung to the tune of 'Johnny Lad')

Oh Musselburgh Windsor, their the best you've ever seen,
If it's any consolation, we dinae play in green.
The mighty men o' Windsor, they wear the famous blue,
And we've got so many fitba stars you've got to bet it's true.


And wi you, and wi you, and wi you my Windsor boys,
We'll celebrate for days on end and we will make some noise.
And wi you, and wi you, and wi you my Windsor boys,
We'll celebrate for days on end and we will make some noise.

We're gonna win the Scottish, and when we get that cup,
We'll hurry round to M&F, and then we'll sup it up.
We'll celebrate for days on end, wi Kelly at the helm,
And the Musselburgh Windsor will be known throughout the realm.


And then we'll take the Scottish Cup, we'll walk it through the toon,
We'll walk it doon to Ashgrove and we'll gie it tae Betty Brown.
And when the party's over and we decide to call it a day,
They'll devise a TV programme and they'll call it Windsor's Way!


Written by Mr. Frank Duncan in 1978


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